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Our greatest asset; your passionate, knowledgeable, entertaining Driver-Guides. They work hard to make your tour interesting, enjoyable and unique!



The name Donald comes the Scots' Gaelic 'Domhnall' which means "ruler of the world". Co-owner of The Hairy Coo, Donald is from the Port of Menteith near Stirling, and has no such lofty aspirations. A Civil Engineer by trade; Donald got bored of building roads,  so broke into the world of tour guiding almost 10 years ago. 'The Hairy Coo' was originally his idea, and was finally launched in 2010.



Martin hails from Dunbar; the sunniest town in Scotland, so has a nice white tan instead of the usual blue! A veteran cliff jumper; Martin can still be seen throwing himself from cliffs around Scotland despite having a receding hairline, wife, and baby daughter. Being multi-lingual, Martin speaks several languages fluently and has been an asset to a number of tour companies for the last five and a half years. Loves: Scotland's history; culture and language, being a husband and dad, foreign languages, techno music, and bad jokes.




Nicola was spawned in a small mining village/pond, around 10 miles from Edinburgh.  When she's not terrorising cattle, she has a passion for travel and meeting interesting people. Our only girl guide is a born story-teller, and loves nothing more than captivating her audience. Both she and William Wallace gained notoriety in Stirling, albeit 700 years apart, as she completed her university degree there (with slightly less blood involved than Wallace's exploits). She was offered a job touring the Scottish Highlands as a driver/guide, and couldn't believe such a job existed! 5 years on, and she's still at it....




Russell would love to give you a cryptic definition of what his name means, but given it's old French for 'little red'; of which he is neither, he won't bother. Hailing from the land o' Rabbie Burns; Ayrshire, he's worked as a driver/tour guide, all over Scotland, for the last 5 years. Holding a virtually useless degree in Scottish politics, Russell's real interests are Scottish history, Scottish football, and Scottish music (spot the connection?!).